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Mr. Handman has thirteen years of experience in the electrical trades. He has been the superintendent and electrical project manager in the construction of over 200 photovoltaic systems, for government, commercial, military, and utility scale projects.

Electrical Systems Installation Experience

Extensive installation experience with multiple renewable energy power systems including photovoltaic, concentrating PV, solar thermal, combined heat and power, and municipal solid waste to energy.

Northern & Southern NJ Electrical Install & Testing

Principal Electrician and testing lead for over 20MW of PV systems in New Jersey. Responsible for fixing 12 systems that were offline and not working properly. Tested all DC and AC systems to determine why each system wasn’t working. Installed new combiner boxes, tested inverters, and recommissioned each system.

China Lake Naval Weapons Air Station, Weapons Test Hanger

520-kW Rooftop PV Supervisor of Electrical Work. Worked with base engineers, prime contractor, and naval project Sustainability | Simplified™managers to provide turn-key electrical and structural installation for multiple buildings and carport projects. PV projects were located within the sphere of influence of the airfield authority.

Expert Witness for 1MW Rooftop Analysis

Analyzed, re-wired and tested inverter performance output and stringing configuration for a 1MW rooftop project that had performance issues. Reviewed existing construction, performed IV curve tracing on strings, and provided technical presentations on system performance and construction deficiencies during client mediations and legal testimony.

DiMare Company, Agricultural Packing Facility

Electrical Superintendent for a 330-kW rooftop and carport mounted PV project. Managed the construction team from electrical DC to AC installation. San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians, Valley View Casino & Hotel – 1-MW Solar Farm, Electrician for a 1-MW single axis tracker system on tribal land adjacent to the Harrah’s Casino in Valley Center California. Interconnection lead electrician.

Fort Mojave Indian Reservation | Utility Scale Solar Thermal Facility Planning

1000-MW, worked with tribal council and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to study the applicability and feasibility of locating a large solar thermal facility on fallow farm land that is no longer producing alfalfa.

Sol Orchard – Imperial I, Isolux Corsan

Electrical installation team for a 25-MW single axis tracker utility scale system in the California Imperial Valley. Responsible for turn-key engineering design. Company acted as Engineer of Record and provided full electrical, civil and structural permitting. Coordinated plan package assembly for multi-discipline engineering team. Provided support during construction for engineering questions.

Adera Solar Farm, Commercial Solar Power

Electrical Systems Manager for a 26-MW singlProject management experience includes projects with Department of Defense, Division of State Architect (DSA), CalTrans, SCE, PG&E, SDG&E, and California municipalities.

1.124-MW PV System, Clos Du Bois Winery

Electrician for multi-type PV system including roof mount, ground mount, and carport. Design included electrical, structural, and mechanical. Full interconnection and commissioning validation was conducted to ensure proper system performance.

50-kW Roof Mount PV System

Project Manager for LEED-Gold Performing Arts Center. Provided full engineering design and permitting package to DSA.

580-kW PV System, Ravenswood Winery

Project Manager for multi-type PV system including roof mount and ground mount systems. Design included electrical, structural, and mechanical. Also, full interconnection and commissioning validation was conducted to ensure proper system performance.

1-MW PV System, GM Distribution Center

Design Engineer. Included system sizing, current facility power usage analysis, data acquisition system design, and annual PV system performance modeling. Conducted extensive system
acceptance test that measured actual system output versus expected output.

750-kW PV System, Convention Center

Design Engineer. Included panel layout, system sizing, current facility power usage analysis, BOS design, data acquisition system design, and system modeling. Handled procurement of laminates, inverters, and data acquisition system components.

Permitting Study for Solar Thermal Power Plant, Mojave Desert

Conducted preliminary permitting study for development of 1000-MW solar thermal power plant. Site Sustainability | Simplified™ assessment of primary power block and all associated linears, including 15 mile transmission corridor, water supply pumps, and natural gas distribution system.

DOE, Zero-Energy

Project Engineer for design and development of PV powered Zero-Energy Home. Managed team of multi-disciplinary engineers and architects. Also modeled the thermal envelope, electrical loads, and hot water needs to quantify monthly and yearly energy use. Responsible for project budget and timeline for design and procurement of 4.9-kW photovoltaic system.

Food Manufacturer, Production Facility

Conducted electrical installation of solar thermal oil-heating loop to augment facility’s natural gas usage.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Project Development and Feasibility
  • Revenue Modeling for PV Projects
  • Performance Modeling of Photovoltaic Projects
  • Photovoltaic System Design
  • Photovoltaic System Installation & Inspection
  • PV System Commissioning

Project Specific Experience
Conversion Technology & Feasibility Evaluation

City of Los Angeles MSW Conversion Technology Study

Assisted in technology evaluation of MSW conversion technologies, including gasification, pyrolysis, and anaerobic digestion systems. Analyzed results of life cycle analysis to compare various systems’ power consumption and emission levels.

County of Los Angeles Conversion Technology Evaluation

Aided in feasibility study of combining Materials Recovery Facility [MRF] Transfer Station with conversion technology facility to increase diversion rate of MRF residue being transferred to a landfill.

Project Specific Experience
System Modeling and Analysis

Designed computer program to estimate utility blended rate and variable avoided cost associated with installation of PV systems. Also developed proprietary program capable of quantifying a facility’s demand reduction due to PV system’s input. [2006]

Developed database for comparative analysis of multiple MSW conversion technologies, including gasification, pyrolysis, waste to energy, anaerobic and aerobic digestion facilities. [2005]

Analyzed thermal and biological conversion technologies feedstock throughput versus conversion unit power output for City of Los Angeles; determined various theoretical system efficiencies. [2004-2005]

Project Specific Experience
System Modeling and Analysis

Modeled thermal envelope of a Zero-Energy Home for Department of Energy to quantify effects of various building materials on conductive and convection heat transfer characteristics. [2004]

Modeled theoretical performance of various PV systems at locations throughout North America to estimate power output, degradation of system performance due to temperature, and useful daylight hours on monthly and yearly bases. [2004]

Project Specific Experience
HVAC System Design

Extensive simulation and design experience for maximizing energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings. Simulation software includes Energy-10, HAP, and EES.

Computer simulations for maximizing energy savings in multiple building designs, including water and concrete Trombe walls, window orientation and shading, and parametric studies of various insulation materials and wall characteristics.

Project management for design and development of HVAC system for Zero- Energy Home. Building load calculations, thermal envelope characteristic analysis, system sizing, and duct layout for Zero-Energy Home.
LEED Projects

Engineer in charge for preparation of proposals to existing and new clients seeking LEED-EB certification.

Facilitates project management of multi-disciplinary team of biologists, land planners, engineers, and architects to determine the feasibility and level of effort needed to meet all LEED-EB prerequisites and points toward certification.

Specific responsibilities for LEED-EB documentation sections include Energy & Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental Quality

Introversion Sensing Thinking Perceiving

Logical. Quietly analytical. Practical. Adaptable. Curious. Cool. Observer. Problem-solver. Exact. Realistic. Troubleshooter. Hands-on. Variety. Adventurous. Independent.

Tolerant and flexible, quiet observers until a problem appears, then act quickly to find workable solutions. Analyze what makes things work and readily get through large amounts of data to isolate the core of practical problems. Interested in cause and effect, organize facts using logical principles, value efficiency.


Dave’s PI Pattern is extremely wide, which means that his behaviors are very strongly expressed and his needs are very strongly felt.
Dave is an engaging, stimulating communicator, poised and capable of projecting enthusiasm and warmth, and of motivating other people. He has a strong sense of urgency, initiative and competitive drive to get things done, with emphasis on working with and through people in the process. He understands people well and uses that understanding effectively in influencing and persuading others to act.
In general terms, Dave is an ambitious and driving person who is motivated by opportunity for advancement to levels of responsibility where he can use his skills as team builder, motivator and mover.