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Frank Motors | Subaru (2019)

National City, CA

Frank – Subaru is a 306.5kWdc Solar PV rooftop project comprised of a ballasted mount dual tilt system, located in National City, CA. The combination is 306.5kWdc/250kWac and is interconnected with the utility SDG&E. Sustineo completed the project in December of 2020.

Sustineo provided feasibility planning, shading studies with a Solmetric SunEye, solar resource assessment, financial analysis, offsets, structural studies, preliminary engineering designs for layout, and electrical single-lines. We also coordinated with the local AHJ on permitting questions prior to design submission. Sustineo provided all installation services for the carport and rooftop areas. Sustineo will also act as the long term provider of Operations and Maintenance. Our team provides monthly asset management on system performance and handles warranty repairs.


System Size

  • 306.5 kW

Project Features

  • Rooftop project ~ 306.5kWdc
  • Fixed tilt Sunpower modules
  • 600Vdc design
  • Five Inverters (250kW)
  • Annual production ~ 504-MWh
  • Digital production display