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SolGuard Washing

Operation + Maintenance

Dry Wash

  • Increase system performance output by 10-12%
  • Quick setup / tear down time
  • No water needed
  • Speedy results

Wet Wash

  • Increase system performance output by 15-25%˚
  • Perfect for difficult soiling solutions
  • Bird droppings, transportation exhaust, or agricultural deposits

Wet Wash + O&M

  • Increase the system performance output by 15-25% ˚
  • Our professional O&M team will wash and evaluate the system, alerting system owners of any issues
  • Develop plan to correct the issues with system owners

Dry Wash

  • Sustineo’s Robotic Dry Wash Technology allows system owners to see an increase in their output by 10-12%. 
  • This water-free cleaning system works by using two separate rotating brushes on the surface of the solar panels. 
  • Each brush uses its own unique bristle pattern and strength in order to perform a thorough cleaning of the system. 
  • Dry Wash option is best utilized in dry desert regions or near new construction where dirt and dust may settle quickly. 
  • No need for a water source; system owners will save on water costs and have a new option for system cleanings during a drought where excess water is scarce.

Wet Wash

  • Sustineo’s Robotic Wet Wash Technology is perfect for any cleaning scenario a PV system may need. 

  • Using only 1.3 gallons of water per minute, our robots can improve a system’s output by 15-25%, depending on soiling levels. 

  • Supported by two rotating brushes and using a deionized water filtration system from an on-site water source. 

  • Great for transportation exhaust, agricultural fallout, or bird droppings.

  • A terrific option for any system that’s being commissioned or a system that hasn’t had a proper cleaning in the last six months.


Wet Wash + O&M

  • In addition to our Robotic Wet Wash Technology, we now offer a Preventative Maintenance Package for complete system protection. 

  • Our experienced field team will Wet Wash and visually evaluate the system, alerting system owners of any issues.

  • The Preventative Maintenance Package includes: checking the production of individual inverters, software updates, and making sure the system is electrically and mechanically sound. 

  • Once an evaluation is completed, our team can help develop a plan to correct the issues on site with system owners.

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