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Westfield | Garden State (2017)

Paramus, NJ

Westfield – Garden State Mall, a 2.86MWdc/2.34MWac solar PV project of two parking canopies atop existing, multi-level parking structures at the Westfield Mall Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ. The Northwest Parking Structure’s system is 939kWdc/780kWac and the Southwest Parking Structure’s system is 1,917kWdc/1,560kWac. The systems interconnect with the utility PSE&G.

The project has modules attached with a fixed tilt on steel canopy structures fastened to the top level of the parking decks. The DC side of the system is comprised of 280W monocrystalline modules operating at 1000V leading into 30kW string inverters. This project has two points of interconnection with PSE&G, one for each parking structure.

Sustineo provided full-scope turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction of the two systems. Construction management was provided by Sustineo, while mechanical and electrical work was performed by subcontractors, as this project is outside the company’s self-performance territory. Construction began in March of 2017 with final completion and hand-off to the owner by October of 2017.

System Size

  • 3,599kW

Project Features

  • Steel canopies atop parking structures

  • Two systems and two interconnections

  • Fixed tilt mono-crystalline modules

  • 1000Vdc design

  • 78 string inverters at 30kWdc each


  • 10.5 M